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Caity Babcock

Age: 23

port coquitlam, BC

Host for / Triple Flip Associate :)


    As the new MuchMusic VJ, what would you bring to much?First of all...I have dance moves NON OF YALL' AINT EVER SEEN BEFORE! On a serious note, I think I have a personality that really sticks out. I am completely opened with talking and helping strangers. I am...strangely weird. Ask my Mom she will tell you! I like to think I make people laugh, but maybe they are just laughing at me? Either way I got one out of you! I am a prankster! If it makes me look stupid thats okay with me. It's fun for everyone! Being a prankster also makes for fun interviews. I like bringing my own flavor. Ask questions you would never expect someone to ask a famous person. Who wouldn't want to know if One Direction have wet the bed in their lifetime? I DO! I DO! Let's just say I am a huge risk taker, and I like to be different in that way. Being a VJ isn't about social networking. It is about working hard, trying hard, and making fun, exciting interviews! And of course loving every bit of it. And I like to think I am pretty darn tootin' good at interviewing.
    How would your friends describe you?My friends would describe me as someone who can always bring their spirits up. I am never one to be negative, and I always look at the bright side of EVERYTHING! One thing my friends know about me is that I know too many lyrics to songs. If I went on "Don't Forget The Lyrics" I would win. They would also say I care too much about them and not myself. At the end of the day if my friends and family are happy, then I am happy!
    If you could interview anyone, who would it be and what would you ask them?I dont think I have an answer for this question. I would gladly interview anyone and everyone I have the opportunity to interview. I like my interviews to be unique, and different. I want to ask questions that they have NEVER been asked before. Makes it fun for the viewers AND the artist, but if I had one question to ask it would probably be "When was your first kiss...WITH TONGUE!" Ice breaker right there. I have andPOP to thank for that question!
    Tell us about a song, artist or album that changed your life.The Lonely Island feat. T-Payne This song changed my life simply because I was scared of boats. I turn this jam on, and I am not scared to get on a boat. Maybe we can film the next episode of NML on a boat with my Flippy Floppies?
    What are some big trends or issues affecting youth in Canada.Gotta' love the J Biebs, and OBVIOUSLY this is not his fault, but after the entire smoking weed thing and then girls slashing their wrists? I honestly am lost for words to see that girls would hurt themselves. It's devastating that a pop singer would have the power to have young girls do that to themselves. Fans, take care of yourself! People don't want to see you hurt yourself. Be safe <3
    What is your best music experience story?I would have to say recently the Lady Gaga concert (Born This Way Ball). She made this encouriging speech about how we are all equal and if you see that one person sitting alone in the cafeteria...Go sit with them! What do you have to lose? If everyone thought and cared the same way Lady Gaga does, this world would be much more accepting of others. She almost brought me to tears, and thats okay. These were happy tears! I looked around the arena and for a minute I saw everyone accepting everyone. Smiling, laughing, cheering. At that one moment everything was perfect!