What Do (Men Think) Women Want?

July 16th, 2011

I remember dreading receiving report cards in elementary school because I always knew what my parents would find written in big flowery-teacher handwriting on the right column of the page: Sarah does not stop talking.

Talking got me in a lot of trouble in those early years, but much to the surprise and delight of my parents I was able to embark on a career based upon that very art of social communication. I'm most likely to begin conversations and introductions with a question, probably because in my experience life really is stranger, and more interesting than fiction.

They say that the happiest people on the planet are those who live their passions and I'm beginning to understand that this is the honest truth, which is why I'm still asking as many questions as I possibly can. Maybe life isn't necessarily about the answers but about the questions?

This next Karma Camera continues to pick the brains of some young, charming Canadians, but this time we have changed our focus. I usually find myself drawn to conversations with girls in which they talk about who they are, what they want and what they think.

But what about the guys? What do they think

But seriously, we thought it was time to hear from the guys. How much do they know about the fairer sex? How much do they THINK they know? Maybe the guys are just as clueless as we like to believe they are or maybe they've actually been paying attention the entire time.

Either way, we love you forever and a day.