Karma Camera: Letter to my body

April 5th, 2011

It turns out writing a letter to my body was easier than you might think, but also very emotional. We have been conditioned from a young age to take our physical appearance very seriously and with that comes a lot of pressure. From an early age we create limitations and expectations for our little bodies. We compare, judge and analyze. Often our self esteem is threatened, challenged and shaped by external perceptions, creating an inaccurate and unrealistic sense of self.

What if we took the time to look at who we really are and what our bodies really mean to us? What it can do rather than what it can't? The strength instead of the weaknesses? The unique beauty instead of differences?

As you know, we are much more than our bodies. However, it seems like even the most physically gifted are far from truly honouring, appreciating, and accepting themselves. Imagine a world where there was more beauty. I guess the point is that there is. We just have to open our eyes.

If I asked you to write a letter to YOUR body, do you know what you would say?

Here's mine:
I should start by thanking you for taking care of me for my whole life.
Thanks for living with me, growing with me and catching me every time I fell.
You've taught me your wisdom is perfect and personal and infinite.
Your strength and power continue to amaze me and help me to believe that there isn't anything we can't conquer together.

From this moment forward:
I promise to put more trust in you and take better care of you and
I will do my best not to judge you or neglect you
I promise to let you show me all the things you can do

Thanks to you my body:
My house of spirit and my protection from all things especially myself
I will do my best to heal you with more laughter, more dance, more sunlight more rain and with the ocean
And I will always try to aim us free