Karma Camera looks at Black History Month

February 24th, 2011

How do you thank your ancestors for breathing, dreaming, living and fighting?
How do you thank them for bravery and for love?
How do you appreciate all the creativity, the beauty, the grace, the sacrifice and the wisdom?
How do you take away the pain and push past the indifference?
How do we honour all of that?
How do we make change?

Maybe a better question is when?

Like many people I have mixed emotions towards Black History Month. Dedicating just one month out of the year to Black History seems ridiculous. However, I do feel that it serves to remind us how much more needs to be done towards our struggles to achieve equality, peace, and systematic change.

I wanted to engage, invigorate and explore what it really takes for us to personally affect the positive change we want to see in our communities and in the world. I had some passionate conversations with dedicated people whose own stories have inspired their tireless work educating young people on the importance of understanding where you've been before you can determine where you're going. The hope is that no matter what colour our skin is or where we were born we are headed towards freedom.