Karma Camera says let's talk about SEX, baby

February 7th, 2011

"Sex is emotion in motion" - Mae West

Let's talk about S E X. I wanted to have a candid, honest, vulnerable conversation with young people about sex. I wanted to find out what you found most embarrassing, what you were most affected by and how much you actually knew about the taboo subject. I also decided to make the experience even more memorable and sensitive by asking our participants to answer questions while naked, as if the topic wasn't personal enough.

There was no open dialogue in my life about sex or sexuality while growing up and like most of us, I'm still asking questions, making mistakes and learning valuable lessons. Still waiting for the sex talk, Mom. Any day now...

If sex really is emotion in motion perhaps we have a lot more work to do than we're comfortable admitting. Why are we, especially those of us that are the least sexually experienced, so embarrassed to talk about sex? If we felt comfortable asking questions I suspect we wouldn't find ourselves in as many tricky, scary, mortifying and potentially life-threatening situations.

How do I feel about my body? Do I want to have sex? Do I know how to protect myself? Do I trust my partner? Have I thought about pregnancy? Do I feel okay about this? Is this normal?

This piece was created in the hopes that we can all continue to ask the uncomfortable questions and seek the answers, guidance and confidence that we need to support our sexual development, however awkward that may initially feel.

Sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS, testing, pregnancy scares, sexual preferences, confidence and insecurities aren't the easiest things to talk about, but communication is always the best way to truly understand ourselves and keep us safe, healthy and happy.

Watch this with your Mom, best friend or lover. Even better, all at once. (Imagine?) Okay, take a deep breath and get ready to let it all hang out.