Karma Camera looks at Diversity with Degrassi

January 13th, 2011

Who are you? How do people see you? How are you different?

In the latest Karma Camera we challenged ourselves to give attention to our own diversity. Not just the colour of our skin or where our parents were born, but also our personal distinctions. Taking back the words, phrases, or derogatory experiences we've had that have challenged our diversity. Looking at our own and other people's past perceptions of us turned out to be dramatic, funny and often painful. I gained an interesting new clarity about how deeply affected I was by social experiences during my formative years and just how far away that seems now. Funny, at the time it seemed like my whole world.

My own memories linked to diversity are usually related to my appearance, but also to my visibility. Meaning, for a while I tried to stay invisible so I became a quieter version of myself until I developed more confidence and trust in myself. Still working on it.

It is cause for celebration and in Canada there is a lot to celebrate. SO we spent a a couple of days examining and CELEBRATING diversity! This vignette set out to explore how some of us connect to our diversity now and a great way to do that is to start at the very beginning. It's a showcase of some personal stories from people who remember what it was like to feel different. Hopefully they always will.