The Karma Camera Falls In Love

January 4th, 2011

We spent an afternoon asking you very personal, intimate, borderline inappropriate questions on a very interesting topic: RELATIONSHIPS!! We wanted to celebrate beautiful, healthy, diverse, young Canadian relationships and showcase your feelings on the subject. In preparation and as research for our look at the international state of the girl we've been thinking a lot about how young girls (and boys) look at and deal with the challenges they face, including relationships (and falling in love!!!!). We understand that all across the world young people are tackling different issues with different sets of values using different resources, so we decided to start the conversation here and now with YOU!

I've been thinking a lot about places like Columbia where relationships can be difficult and potentially (stereotypically) challenged by domestic conflict or violence and other unhealthy characteristics. Peace Building is a big part of how countries look at creating a peaceful, empowering place where young people can grow and develop important life skills they will pass on to their families. Check out more about this here.

I hope you will not only celebrate your love, but also be thankful for the opportunity to love freely and openly and examine the power of love. How healthy are your relationships? What new truths and insights about yourself and your world do you gain from them? How can you love more fiercely, honestly and fearlessly?

I have had both very good and very bad relationships, both of which I remain indebted to as they have helped to shape me into who I am and who I am becoming. From both I've realized that love is not something you can control or own. It's funny when people talk about 'finding love' when it is all around. How can you lose something that you ARE?

Worth noting however, is that young relationships (much like old) can be confusing and painful. This piece really showed us how romantic and fun relationships can be, especially when they're true, filled with respect, understanding, adventure and truth. With YOU.