The Karma Camera finds girl's happiness

November 1st, 2010

The Karma Camera #1

We spend one stunning fall day last week interrupting girls who were shopping in Kensington Market to give them this pitch:

We work for MuchMusic and we're working on a documentary series about the international state of the work which will involve taking Canadian girls to developing nations to explore the global and local issues affecting young women across the world. To support the inspiration and development of the project we're creating short vignettes' to support a conversation with our audience and showcase the beautiful, diverse and unique faces of Canada's young women. Are you interested?

Who could turn that down? To my great happiness no one did and the result of our first urban adventure with the karma camera is the beautifully edited video you see below. The best way to start is usually at the beginning so I thought the initial exploration would be to ask girls what it feels like to be them. Their hopes, dreams, loves and obsessions all shone through with such charm and truth that it was hard to leave the shoot without feeling inspired and moved beyond what I can share with you with mere words. I hope you'll feel it with our video.

We are girls.