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Rock City

Jesse's love for live music is heard nationwide - we document our MuchMusic VJ as he travels across the country to put on concerts that will rock the teen community. And along the way, we meet inspiring teens with heart-warming stories. Jesse's mission is to unite the teen community with music.

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for taking a few minutes to look at my new site and see what I've been up to lately. Long before I was at MuchMusic I was promoting concerts, booking bands, and running an all-ages music venue. It's always been my dream to travel across Canada and help others start up their own music scene in their hometown and tell their stories. My new show, Rock City, plans to do just that. I'll be traveling to rural towns, suburbs and everything in-between in my new show. In every spot I visit I'll live there for one week, immersing myself in the local scene and helping music fans build a place to call their own. My goal is that in one week we can organize and start an all-ages music venue that will hopefully last long after I've left.

This is where you come in. I want to know your story, why music is important to you, and why your town needs Rock City's help. Tell me what your town has to offer and what it's lacking. In short, tell me why your town could use a music venue and why you should be the one to help start it. Watch the Pilot Episode above for some inspiration and then in less than three paragraphs tell me why I need to come to your town for a week. I hope we'll be rocking out together soon!

Email me at

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