Burning Love

Wednesday 11:30E / 8:30P

About Burning Love

This season on Burning Love: Burning Down the House, your favorite past contestants return to the mansion but not to compete for love. This time they are competing for a staggering prize, $900. Engaged couple Mark Orlando (Ken Marino) and Julie Gristlewhite (June Diane Raphael) are back. As well as "Bad Boy", Blaze (Ryan Hansen), "Good Girl", Annie (Abigail Spencer) and "Potentially Dangerous," Lexie (Beth Dover). Also competing will be a Super Fan, plucked from obscurity and given the once in a lifetime opportunity to meet the men and women he's admired for years. We will see how the contestants will deal with the pressure of this incredible prize and how romantic relationships will affect the game.

Bill Tundle is back to host but this time with a twist. This season, Bill is dressing in a more casual manner, not the stuffy Bill Tundle of seasons past. As he hosts challenges, he will present himself in many different styles of dress, sure to delight fans across the world.

You don't want to miss a moment of the excitement as we find out who's life will be forever changed by winning $900. There will be challenges, hot tubs, hookups, relationships, backstabbing, frontstabbing, daiquiris, music, poetry, wet t-shirts, alcohol, hugging, dates and alliances.