Important Communication MuchMusic Store Closure

Flip the sign, it's closing time! The MuchMusic Digital music store is closed for bissnazz as of March 31, 2011.

But have no fear, we are still here! MuchMusic is all about, well, much music, and of course you can still get your 'tunes on and enjoy the music you have previously downloaded from MuchMusic. All your deets, including account info and order history, will be accessible using the email your registered on the Much site with your hard to crack password at the Puretracks Music Store after Mach 31, 2011. provides safe and secure music with no viruses or pop-ups. Songs downloaded from Puretracks are the same full-length with high quality songs you're used to buying on the MuchMusic store. We encourage you to visit for all your future music needs. If you have any Q's or C's (questions or concerns) we got 'choo! Simply visit the and choose "Contact". We hope you have lurved the awesome-sauceness of the MuchMusic store and continue to take advantage of safe and secure downloadable music at the Puretracks store!

The MuchMusic & Puretracks Team


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