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Shawn Desman - Alive

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The Making of Alive

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You may know the music from Shawn's upcoming album ALIVE drives the story of the ALIVE SPECIAL but did you know Shawn also composed the entire score and all music heard in the movie?

In the film Shawn holds his audition in a historical Toronto landmark, can you name what it is?

Izaac Smith is one of only two cast members that has a dance background. You may remember him from SYTYCDC. Ironically he didn't have to dance at all!

If you were at MUCH's BIG JINGLE concert YOU could be in the ALIVE SPECIAL!!! See if you can spot yourself!

Director RT! makes a secret appearance in the movie but you'll have to pay attention because he MOVES fast...

About Alive

The ALIVE Special tells the story of LIV, a small town dancer, who dreams of a bigger stage than the community centre of Fergus, Ontario. One fateful night LIV meets her idol Canadian Pop Icon, SHAWN DESMAN, who inspires her to take a chance and chase her fleeting dream all the way to the big city lights of Toronto. Along the way of this life changing journey, Liv learns what it takes to make dreams come true, and what it really means to be ALIVE. Juno award winning, Multi platinum selling recording artist Shawn Desman & two time MMVA Director of the Year, RT!, present a classic tale of the power of persistence in pursuit of ones dream, in a groundbreaking original television special that fuses film, music, and dance, into one thrilling, emotional roller coaster ride.

The ALIVE special boasts an all star cast featuring: Kaitlyn Leeb (Heartland, Total Recall), Melinda Shankar (Degrassi, How to Be Indie), & KC Collins (Lost Girl, Saving Hope).


  • Shawn Desman

    Shawn Desman

    Platinum selling, Juno and MMVA Award winning artist Shawn Desman is looking to inspire the next great dancer. His nationwide dance contest draws Liv to Toronto to pursue her dream of dancing along side her idol.

  • Liv


    Liv is a small town dancer from Fergus, Ontario who dreams of performing on stage across the country with the best of the best. A chance meeting with her idol, pop sensation Shawn Desman, inspires her to take a chance and follow her dreams to the bright city lights of Toronto where she hopes an audition will lead her to the stage. Liv is played by Heatland regular Kaitlyn Leeb.

  • Roxy


    Roxy is a competitive rival dancer who's ambitions are matched only by her attitude. Roxy is played by Bree Wasylenko.

  • Matt


    Matt is Liv's loving boyfriend and is the quintessential country boy. Dedicated, respectful and hard working. Determined to make a name for himself in Fergus, Ontario, he understands that dreams don't come without some sacrifice. Matt is played by Izaak Smith.

  • Kaitlyn


    Kaitlyn is a quirky, fun loving, health conscious, city girl who just happens to be looking for a roommate when Liv arrives in the Tdot. The two become fast friends as she takes Liv under her wing and teaches her to let loose. Kaitlyn is played by Degrassi & How To Be indie's Melinda Shankar.

  • Lincoln


    Tough, unforgiving and intense, Lincoln is OIP's best known dance instructor. He is a world renowned street dance champion who has a secret connection to Liv's idol Shawn Desman. Lincoln is played by Lost Girl and Saving Hope regular and Actra award winner, KC Collins.

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The ALIVE National Tour starts Feb 7th. Get your tickets now at!

Shawn Desman - Alive

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