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The inspiration for the video for Brand New Day came from the idea of a dream day for a Massari fan. Director RT! spoke on the video explaining, "Right from the opening shot the way our lead girl arrives in the dream, people know they're in for an epic fantasy."

RT! continued, "Massari has a history for doing it big in the pop and R&B scene, so he had to come back larger than life. Everything in the video is designed to reflect that theme, from shooting in sunny party-central Miami, hundred foot yachts, to the fashion styling, to even the visual style. There were helicopter shots, Hype Williams-style ultra-slow motion, and a CSI: Miami inspired vibrant color timing. Massari fans love it big and beautiful so I wanted to give them a dream to believe in."

Even Massari had this to say about "Brand New Day" stating, "Being in Miami and shooting a video there was amazing . It was the first time I ever shot a video on a yacht!"

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