Get Yourself A Card or Ask Someone To Get You One

Fed up with being tied to your parents credit card? Tired of waiting for someone else's permission to buy the stuff YOU want, when YOU want it?

With the MuchMusic Prepaid MasterCard® you get all the purchasing freedom you need anytime you want to shop online or anywhere MasterCard® is accepted. It's time to free yourself!

$34.95 plus applicable taxes and your $5 inital load. No monthly fees. No Purchase fees

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Get A Card Get A Card 16+

You'll need a valid credit card, Interac Online or PayPal account to pay for it

Ask For A Card Get A Card 13+

You can get a personalized Card with your name on it by having your Parent or Guardian (or another adult if you're 18+) agree to take responsibility for the Account.*

*Prior to the issuance of the MuchMusic Prepaid MasterCard card ("Card"), our partner, Mint Capital Corp. ("Mint") will validate the identity of the Card applicants with credit reporting agencies, such as TransUnion or Equifax. Such identity validation process does not constitute a credit check as it does not allow Mint to access the Card applicant's personal credit history or other personal information not required for identity validation.

Moreover, Mint's identity validation process will not impact the Card applicant's credit reporting score or be visible to other creditors. Mint's identity validation process is made visible only to the Card applicant if the Card applicant requests a copy of his or her personal credit report from the credit reporting agency.