Parents, now you can give your kids their spending cash on a reloadable , prepaid MasterCard Card

There Are Lots Of Advantages

  • You can keep track of how much you give them and where they spend it.
  • They can use it everywhere MasterCard® Cards are accepted but they can only spend up to the balance on the card - it's not a credit card**
  • It's safer to carry than cash and it's protected by the MasterCard Zero Liability Policy
  • It gives your kids the freedom to make decisions (and buy what they want) while teaching financial responsibility.
  • Loading cash on the card is easy - it works like paying a bill from your bank account when you bank online.
  • Available to ages 13+ with a parent or legal guardian acting as Account Holder of a Card personalized in their kid's name.

** A negative balance can sometimes result from multiple purchases - please consult FAQ for details

Get Your Kid A Card Parental FAQs