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"So what kind of rewards are we talking about, here?"

Create a MuchCloser account (see that thing at the top of our page?) and log in each time you visit

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Do all the things you normally would do when you come to - watch Degrassi, read blogs, leave comments, share the things you like and more!


Doing these things could earn you points and unlock badges.

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The points you earn will increase your rank in the community and your activity on the site could get your MuchCloser to rewards and experiences.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What are points?
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Points indicate your level of participation in MuchCloser. Points are also part of levels. Therefore, the more points you earn, the higher the level you are able to reach.
Q. How do I earn points?
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Simple. Just do things on like watch videos, show clips, read blogs, leave comments, "like" things, vote and more. Doing these things will earn you points and improve your ranking in the MuchCloser community.
Q. What are levels and how do they work? What happens when you go up a level?
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When you register you start at Level 1 - M. The more you play, the more points you collect and the more badges you earn. To get to a new level, you must earn a certain number of points and attain specific badges. Every time you go up a level, you increase your rank within the community.
Q. What are badges?
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Badges are symbols of your achievements in MuchCloser. They also affect levels, as specific badges are required to advance into the next level.
Q. How do I get a badge?
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There are lots of ways to get badges. There are always a bunch of missions available for you to complete. Mission are completed when the tasks in each mission are completed.
Q. What will my points get me?
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Your points improve your ranking in the community. Your rank will appear on our leaderboard and you'll be recognized as a top fan of MuchCloser. From time to time, we may randomly reward our top users with exclusive experiences.
Q. I did stuff but didn't get my points or badges. How come?
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This could be the result of a few things:

1. Maybe you weren't logged in. Log in and try again.

2. Maybe we're experiencing technical difficulties. Send us an email ( with your problem. We'll try and help ASAP.

3. You've been playing so much, our system detected you should take a break...relax for a bit and come back later.
Q. Why do I need to fill out a profile?
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Becoming a member allows you access to all the great tools and info on our sites. In order to provide you certain things that you want, we need bits of info from you. Instead of asking you for little bits of info each and every time you want to sign up for something or enter a contest, we have created ONE form for you to fill out, once. This will allow you complete access to everything from contests and newsletters to show reminders and Web radio. Once you have become a member you can sign up for or enter as many or as few things as you like and you will never have to fill out another form. Once you have registered your data is saved and, from that point on, you will only need to type in your username and password when entering our contests or signing up for something else fun.
Q. Will my profile information remain private?
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Yes! We have built a secure system to protect your profile information. Your profile information is only used for the purposes stated at the time of collection. We will not send you anything that you do not sign up for yourself. In addition, we do our best to make sure you are aware of the implications of each action you take, sometimes to the point of being annoying. But, we would prefer that you know stuff and keep control of your profile information. You should also know that unless you have checked-off a box on the entry form that gives us permission to share your information with the Contest Sponsor, the information you have provided to us is only used to run the contest. By selecting the "contests" tab and hitting the Contest Tracker button you can see which contests you have entered and your point accumulation (if applicable). For more information on privacy please review our Privacy Statement.
Q. Will my username and password ever expire?
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If you do not use your username and password for a period of six (6) months, we will email you a notice advising you that your profile is about to expire. If you do not notify us that you wish to keep your username and password active, they will be deleted from our databases along with your personal information. In future, you would have to re-register with us again if you decided to sign up for something that required a profile. Please remember: when your information expires there is a chance that someone may choose your old username and / or password, in which case, you won't be able to choose the same ones again.
Q. How can I unsubscribe to something or change / delete my profile?
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You can change / delete your profile simply selecting the "my profile" tab, above. Then select the Edit Profile button. You can either change your profile information or click the link that will delete your profile. To unsubscribe to newsletters please select the "newsletters" tab above and uncheck any box corresponding with any newsletter you no longer wish to receive.
Q. I don't feel comfortable entering my exact birthday - can I just enter the month and year?
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Unfortunately no. We need your entire birthday, day, month and year to ensure that you meet the age requirement to enter and win our contests. Simply giving us the month and/or year does not distinguish your age on a particular day of that month or year.
Q. How often can I enter each contest?
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Entry guidelines change from contest to contest. Some contests do have restrictions upon how many times you can enter and collect points. These guidelines are clearly outlined in the Rules and Regulations of each contest. See the next FAQ answer.
Q. Where can I find the Rules and Regulations?
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Individual contest Rules and Regulations are located within each contest. The Rules and Regulations are accessible from the start page of each contest via a link. As well, when you begin the entry process we provide another link to the Rules and Regulations and a check box to ensure that you have in fact read them. Rules and Regulations are clearly marked and are always apparent.
Q. Why do the age requirements for each contest differ?
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The age requirement changes for each contest because prizing and sponsorship changes for each contest. To be sure about specific age requirements, read the Rules and Regulations for each contest you enter. But just so you know, the minimum age for all of our contests is 13.
Q. I live in Quebec. Why can't I enter MuchMusic contests?
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When we do contests in Quebec, we have to go through a separate body called the "Regis des Jeux et des Lotteries" before we can do ANYTHING. This involves weeks of applications, and justifications, and reports, and very often these contests are on very strict schedules. Even if we wanted to give away t-shirts in a contest, we have to do this. Often, the sponsor doesn't want to wait 4-6 weeks to get approval from this body. They're on their own deadlines. Honestly, often, there just isn't TIME. But there's good news! Our sister station, MusiquePlus, has cool contests and stuff for all of you itchin' to get involved - Check it out!
Q. How will I know that I have won a contest?
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The procedure for how winners are notified is explained as you enter each contest.
Q. I do not live in Canada, what can I sign up for?
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If you are an international user, hey thanks for coming by! Although you will be unable to enter our contests you can still sign up for a Quick Membership to receive our newsletters and play along. Go to the "newsletters" tab above and pick and choose to your hearts content. You are not eligible for any of our contests, because they are only open to Canadian residents.
Q. All right, I have read all of this and I still have a problem or a question about an online contest, or my membership what should I do now?
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You should email ( your comments and questions and we will do our best to fix the problem.