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  • Tune in now to find out who ya gonna call. (Spoiler alert: ya gonna call Ghostbusters.)

  • #MuchCountdown is on a break this week, so we've stacked the next two hours of videos with a pre-Halloween playlist. YES, it has Thriller ;)

  • Here's animated proof that @adamsandler tells the BEST stories: http://t.co/U2PkDvFpil (via @TeamCoco)

  • .@wizkhalifa joins a list of some of our favourite interactive music videos: http://t.co/JBAxgUZMQQ http://t.co/fTCeXYd6JB

  • Today's #MuchMovie stars Katie Holmes, Guy Pearce, and a general sense of creepiness. Tune in for 'Don't Be Afraid of the Dark'!

  • Whoa. Think you can match ten Keanu Reeves quotes to his movies? Prove it: http://t.co/P5CwAdsaep http://t.co/JB3HWpOKwR

  • RT @TheRealSonReal: RT! If your ready for the new Preach video #4days #Oct29th

  • RT @nickkroll: If u wanna dress like @akaBobbyB for Halloween here's more than just the tip. #krollshow http://t.co/w39A4Rjrnl

  • Sending birthday love to @katyperry from her friends and fans in Canada! 🍁🎂🎉 http://t.co/SkqpEL5RJJ http://t.co/NFtirm8rEl

  • If there's a new #Archie TV series, obviously @mulaney plays Jughead right? More of our picks: http://t.co/YqeVThFyVs http://t.co/7rcdXMbArN

  • Last one! Announcing the #MuchDance2015 track list on Tuesday. Guess the hit: 👫☀️💘🎤🍂

  • #MuchDance2015 drops November 4th! Guess the song before the full playlist reveal on Tuesday: 😎🌎 ∞ 🏠🔥 http://t.co/HFsb5l7HmA

  • RT @mothermother: Exciting news! The #MonkeyTreeVideo will premiere on @MUCH on Tuesday Oct. 28th! http://t.co/YHiJeC10EN

  • Here's an easier one...guess the #MuchDance2015 track - we'll reveal the full list on Tuesday: 👸💎🇺🇸✈️🇯🇵

  • We're revealing the #MuchDance2015 track list on Tuesday (album drops November 4!) Guess the song: 🎁🎂👔⌚️🎈 http://t.co/6xadLsF03m