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How Will You Remember

MUCH & Veterans Affairs Canada Want You to Show You Remember on Twitter to Win a Trip Across Canada for You and a Friend.

Fire up your Twitter account and follow @MUCHremembers. Then reply to this tweet telling us how you will remember Canada's Veterans using the following phrase:

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  • Did you know that more than 2.3 Million Canadians have served in uniform over the years and more than 118,000 of them have died in the cause of peace and freedom? #ShowYouRemember

  • Did you know that more than 125,000 Canadian men and women have served in peace support operations over the years, attempting to nurture a peaceful way of life around the world? #ShowYouRemember

  • Did you know that Canadians in uniform left their families and their homes for us and our freedom? #ShowYouRemember

  • Did you know that the First World War helped shape Canada as the great country we live in today? #ShowYouRemember

  • Did you know that the more than 45,000 Canadians fell during the Second World War, fighting for peace and freedom? #ShowYouRemember

  • Did you know that the Battle of Vimy Ridge, which saw the death of nearly 3,600 Canadian soldiers, was one of the defining moments in Canadian military history? #ShowYouRemember

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Q. How many Canadians died serving our country in the Second World War?
  • a. More than 9,500
  • b. More than 45,000
  • c. More than 700
  • d. More than 100,000
Q. What is the international symbol of remembrance?
  • a. Remembrance Day
  • b. The 11th hour
  • c. The poppy
  • d. The Veteran
Q. When was the first Remembrance Day conducted?
  • a. 1999
  • b. 1763
  • c. 1867
  • d. 1919
Q. Where is the National War Memorial located?
  • a. Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • b. Montreal, Quebec
  • c. Ottawa, Ontario
  • d. Vancouver, British Columbia
Q. What is the name of the famous Canadian poem that is commonly recited on Remembrance Day?
  • a. "In Flanders Fields" by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae
  • b. "An October Evening" by William Wilfred Campbell
  • c. "I Shout Love" by Milton Acorn
  • d. "Le Marin" by Francois-Xavier Garneau
Q. What famous First World War Canadian military victory took place on April 9, 1917?
  • a. Battle of Quebec City
  • b. Battle of Passchendaele
  • c. Battle of Vimy Ridge
  • d. Korean War



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