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    Please note, all MuchMusic contests and prizing are administered through exclusively. If you are a contest winner, the following protocol will be implemented:

    If you entered a contest through our Twitter page, you may be contacted online. Make sure you are contacted through - the official MuchMusic Twitter address.

    A representative from MuchMusic may also email you. Everyone who works at MuchMusic has an address that ends with For example,

    By telephone
    - A representative from MuchMusic will contact you via telephone and identify themselves.

    - At this time you will requested to call back the main MuchMusic line at 416-384-5000 and ask for the MuchMusic representative who initially contacted you to verify the authenticity of the caller.

    - Once connected with the MuchMusic representative again, they will discuss all contesting details and the terms of your prize.

    Please note, only this protocol will be followed. If this protocol is not followed, the contest or communication may be fraudulent. If you aren't sure, please contact MuchMusic at 416-384-5000 to verify authenticity.