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  • @martini084 Thanks!! We're only as young as we feel, right!?

  • @dinealonemusic Everybody's guessing #1...what's your guess for #100?

  • RT @dinealonemusic: In celebration of #Much30 our friends at @MUCH are counting down the Top 100 Music VIdeos Ever! Tune in today at 11AM E…

  • @TheJeremyFisher Aw, shucks. We're big fans of yours too! When it comes to stop-motion, puppets and bicycle tours, nobody beats Mr. Fisher.

  • RT @TheJeremyFisher: Grew up obsessed with @much and was star struck when @donlon signed my 1st record deal. Happy 30th to the nation's mus…

  • Celebrate ’30 Years of @Much‘ at 9E/6P & RT for a chance to win one of these limited edition posters: #ForeverYoung

  • @RealTeenRescuer BDAY TWINZZZ

  • @TheFamousLM Just one? ;)

  • Our actual b-day is tomorrow, but today is our gift to you...the '100 Greatest Videos Ever' countdown starts at 11AM ET! 🎉🎶🎈🎁

  • RT @rebecca_ms815: @Much because of you I got to give a plaque on stage to my favourite band! #BestDayEver #ThankYou #JonasBrothers http://…

  • @Gentle_atheist 1/2 of our schedule is still music.

  • RT @TaylorMcCarthy8: @Much going to see @onedirection in 2012. I was knocking on one if the windows with others and Harry looked over at us…

  • @FearlesslyJulii You just might be in the "30 Years of Much" special tomorrow 9E/6P...hint hint.

  • RT @FearlesslyJulii: @Much when you made my ultimate dream come true of meeting Taylor Swift. Easily the best day of my life.…

  • @JuliaMXx SO many Much employees also have VHS copies of their favourite I&I specials. Even though we don't have VCRs anymore.