Free Sh*t


  • @Mama_Mitchell We're a TV station and he's the only thing we're playing right now.

  • RT @TedStarkey: There's a Weird Al marathon on MuchMusic. First hockey leading SportsCentre, now I'm not sure what is real anymore.

  • RT @kelbottweets: Much Music is playing an old school Weird Al marathon... 🙌🙌🙌😂😂😂 #CanadianPSA

  • RT @jltanaleon: Yas!Weird Al Yankovic videos on Much music! Prime elementary school stuff brings me so much gr5 memories

  • RT @notactuallyzach: .@Much is playing all Weird Al as if this is some kinda prank, but the jokes on them because I love it

  • RT @caseyjoloos: the worst insomnia but @Much is playing weird al videos forever for april fools and best part - most kids have no idea who…

  • @notactuallyzach Not as a prank! We're turning April Fool's Day into Al Day.

  • For the next four hours, we're playing your video requests - tweet them at us now! Rule #1: Only @alyankovic videos. Rule #2: See above.

  • RT @_cxrv: Weird Al Yankovic has been playing on the tv all morning & I have no idea if this is awesome or terrible

  • RT @DanMcLemon: woke up half an hour before my alarm and I'm currently watching Weird Al music videos. what am i doing with my life

  • RT @Ponza: Much is playing Weird Al all morning? Sweet. #AprilFools

  • @tragic_kingdom It's gonna go for awhile...

  • RT @tragic_kingdom: Dear @Much, thanks for making a sleepless night so much better with this #weirdalathon 😅

  • RT @elirdar: @Much waking up to #PlayList doing back to back @alyankovic videos....back to back to back...thank you! #notworthy

  • Is your TV on? You can't spell #AprilFools without "AL."